How to decorate a wooden box if you haven’t done it before.

Hello dear reader,

For my recent project I used a wooden box that I meant to decorate for ages. I have finally had a few free evenings and decided to sit  down and give a little upgrade to this lovely box. Besides, I always lack storage space!

I did not manage to take a photo of the plain box but as you will see from the pictures below, it is an average size box with a lock in front of it. To those readers who  are experienced scrapbookers/ card-makers and decorators, I must warn you, I am pretty much Level 1 decorator as this was my first ever decorative project. But I hope you find this post interesting and maybe you will have a few suggestions for improvement.

So my Step 1 included buying a material I would be using. I decided to start with scrapbooking paper and got this wonderful K&Company designer paper.

Very Viktorija - K&Company designer paper

K&Company designer paper

Very Viktorija - K&Company paper layouts

K&Company paper layouts

Step 2. I started decorating box from the top, choosing a simple yet sophisticated paper. However, I found that simple decorating wasn’t enough to make the box look good, so I’ve put an additional layer of the ornament on top of the paper.

Very Viktorija - Top of the box

Top of the box

Very Viktorija - Top of the box decorated with second layer

Top of the box decorated with second layer

Step 3 in decoration included choosing the material for the inside. For this time I decided to stick with decorative paper and found three designs that were different but were looking good together. To cut the paper properly, I used paper cutting machine. It’s a real monster and a great helper! It is very sharp and cuts paper perfectly even, so if you are in scrapbooking, you will find it handy.

Very Viktorija - Paper cutting monster

Paper cutting machine

Very Viktorija - Paper cutting monster!

Paper cutting monster!

Finally this is how the inside of the box looked like:

Very Viktorija - Inside of the box

Inside of the box

Step 4 and probably the easiest thing to do, was to decide what to keep in this little box. I’ve put my little scrapbook decorative collection.

Very Viktorija - My new storage box

My new storage box

And voila, here is my finished fully decorated box:

Very Viktorija - My finished box

My finished box


If you are thinking to finally decorated or upgrade that box on your shelf, here are some of the basic tools that you will definitely need to have by your hand.

Scissors, double-sided tape, silicon glue, double-sided sticky pads.  All available at Hobby Craft.

Very Viktorija - Essential tools for decoration

Essential tools for decoration

If you haven’t decorated anything before, I hope this post inspires you to work on a decorative project in the near future. I would love to hear your stories and what materials you used. I would also appreciate any suggestions from experienced crafters on what I could add to this box to make it more beautiful.

With love,


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