How to bake winner cupcakes

Hello dear reader,

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided to have the great British bake off and make our favourite deserts for a family dinner. It all started on a friendly note but by the end of our baking there was a lot of competition going on and we asked other family members decide on a winner. For his desert, Josh decided to bake a carrot cake, whereas I made red velvet cupcakes. Here are some of our baking highlights.

Both of us were a little bit lazy that weekend so we used a ready-made mixtures  from Betty Crocker for both, cakes and cupcakes.

Very Viktorija - Red Velvet cupcake mix

Red Velvet cupcake mix

Very Viktorija - Carrot cake mix

Carrot cake mix

I call these mixes – Baking for Dummies, because it really is very simple to make your deserts when you have these mixtures with you.

For red velvet cupcakes:

I added 2 eggs, 200ml of water and 5 tea spoons of oil. Don’t confuse table spoons for baking with table spoons for eating, apparently they are two different things! I honestly still struggle to get the difference between the two so if you know how they differ, please please explain this to me.

The mix didn’t look great at the beginning.

Very Viktorija - Red Velvet mix

Red Velvet mix

However, freshly baked cupcakes looked much better.

Very Viktorija - Just from the oven

Just from the oven

And I was quite pleased with the end result when cupcakes were decorated with buttercream icing and a few decorative elements. 🙂

Very Viktorija - My finished red velvet cupcakes

My finished red velvet cupcakes

Josh’s carrot cake

Right, now lets talk cakes. Josh’s mixture didn’t look great either, so at this stage no one really stood out.

Very Viktorija - Carrot cake mix

Carrot cake mix

I was looking through photos that we took whilst baking and found this cheeky photo in my camera!

Very Viktorija - Cheeky!


I must admit that the end product looked quite good and I thought Josh has done a good job in decorating the cake.

Very Viktorija - Josh's carrot cake

Josh’s carrot cake

All in all, it took us around two hours to mix/bake/cool and decorate our deserts. There was quite a lot of competition going on but I am pleased to say that my cupcakes were absolute winners (sorry Josh!).

I also promised that next time we’ll make a desert from scratch without any ready mixes.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you also think that cupcakes look good but let me know if you liked the cake!

With love,


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