Last minute Mother’s Day present – sorted

Oh you naughty, you didn’t get a present for this Mothers’ Day. Of course there are different reasons for your forgetfulness: work, studying, shops closed etc… but no matter what – you still love your mum and want to make her happy this weekend. Sounds like you? Then this post is for you.

This simple present and easy gift wrapping  technique will make your present look special and thoughtful. So, I am a big fan of candles, I love them scented and non-scented, big and small,  any forms and shapes. I ran a Google search on why women love candles so much and have come up with these three ideas:

1. Candles are comforting.
2. Candles smell like home.
3. Candles create positive aura in a room.

Can you think of any more?

Therefore, I bought these two beautiful candles as a present for two wonderful women.

Very Viktorija - Aromatherapy Energising Candle

Aromatherapy Energising Candle

Sometimes I wish I could take a photo of the scent so that others could experience it too. These candles are very fresh with a slight hint of citrus that instantly awakes you. If Homesense had more of these candles, I would’ve  definitely got one for myself too.

To make presents look a little more special, I’ve put a lot of effort in packaging. The YouTube gift wrapping videos that I used during Christmas have proven handy. If you missed my suggestions for gift wrapping videos, click here.

It took me around 20 minutes to gift wrap each candle, mainly because my double sided tape finished and I needed to use alternative tapes to stick the paper. At the end I had little cubicle wrapped in a beautiful spring-looking paper.

Very Viktorija - Wrapped candle

Wrapped candle

This wasn’t the end. To add a special touch, I wanted to put a bow on top of the present, and again found YouTube tutorials most useful. I realised though that my ribbon was too short – should have really named this post ‘How to make a Mother’s Day present when you run out of everything!’. Therefore I improvised and made a simple yet sophisticated bow.

Very Viktorija - Gift-wrapped candle

Gift-wrapped candle

I used two different ribbons and these were my two presents, gift-wrapped and awaiting the special day.

Very Viktorija - Mother's Day presents ready!

Mother’s Day presents ready!

I hope this is helpful and inspires you to make something special for your mum on this Mother’s Day.

With love,


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