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Hi there,

It’s been a while since the time of my last post, and it’s been a while since I baked. However, I’m back and in a mood for creating and sharing some great cooking experiences!

At the beginning of July I graduated from the University of Westminster and also moved jobs! In my new office there is a tradition, where the person who has his or her birthday needs to bakes a cake for everyone. Since my 23rd birthday was approaching, I looked into baking cupcakes. I always found working on cupcakes more challenging than baking a cake. The mixture should always be prepared well, otherwise cupcakes will turn out too hard or under-baked; the icing part is also tricky, as decorating a cupcake requires a lot of effort. So, I thought, let’s go with this and bake beautiful and yummy Red Velvet cupcakes!

I need to admit, that for the mixture I used a pre-made mix, that’s actually meant to be used for a cake. However, as you will see soon, it actually works really well for cupcakes too.

cupcake mix

This mix is really easy to use. I added 3 eggs, 4 tea spoons of olive oil (you can also use vegetable oil) and 250ml of water. One thing you need to note when making a mix, you can’t blindly follow the guidelines, if the mixture is too dense, you need to add more water or eggs.

Cupcake mix

The key to a good cupcake is the ability to spread the mix evenly across little tins. It takes me the most amount of time and effort. Previously, I struggled moving the mixture between the tins. However last time, I used two spoons, one table spoon and one tea spoon, to transfer the mix and prevent it from dropping. If you have any other ideas on the ways to transfer the mix, I’d gladly hear about these. I ended up with 12 filled cupcake tins and left them in the oven for 25 minutes.

Celebrate!Spreading the mixture

The 25 minutes were ideal for raising the mix and also baking the cupcakes inside out. They were nice and puffy and I let them cool for around 40 minutes.

In the oven

I used the chocolate and vanilla frosting and heart-shaped decorations. I know, it’s not Valentine’s day yet, but love is always in the air. 🙂 There was actually not enough frosting to decorate all 12 cupcakes and this is something I’ll keep in mind for next time. There can never be too much frosting, but there can definitely be too little. Anyways, the cupcakes looked pretty good at the end, I think. If you are not sure about baking your own cupcakes just yet, I think the ready mix is a good place to start.

Red Velvet cupcakes

I have gone pretty healthy over the last half a year, especially as I am preparing for a holiday. I do find that snacking is an issue for me, so over the next few weeks I will be sharing some ideas for baking your own healthy snacks. Hope this will be of interest for most.

Have a lovely weekend and until the next time.


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