Preparing for Christmas

Do you like the anticipation of Christmas? I do. Walking through sparkling shops, making cards and planning Christmas desserts makes me really happy. This year in particular I have been waiting for Christmas for weeks. Now as the magical time is almost here, I wanted to share the highlights of my preparation for the festive season.

Ideal Home Show at Christmas

This year I have been waiting for Christmas since September, when I booked the tickets for the Ideal Home Show at Christmas. As the weeks and months were passing by, my anticipation for Christmas was increasing and finally a few weeks ago, Josh and I went to the Olympia to get into the Christmas spirit and find some wonderful presents for our friends and family.

Kensington Olympia

There were over 200 stalls that sold everything you could possibly imagine – from decorations and plants to food and furniture. There were a lot of cute things too, like this hand warmer.

hand warmer

Overall, it was a long but wonderful day, we managed to buy a few presents and I got a chance to sit in Santa’s sleigh!











Crafts Show and hand made Christmas cards

In October I went to the Crafts Show in Alexandra Palace to buy decorative papers for my Christmas cards. This year I decided to work with different patterns and papers and although it took me over 4 weekends to make the festive cards, I have been really happy with my work.

I used a variety of designs and below are some of the cards I’ve been sending out to my friends and family this year.

Christmas card 1

Christmas card2

Christmas card 3

I hope you will receive beautiful cards from your loved ones and will enjoy this festive season!

With warmest wishes,


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