My top three priorities for January 2017

During December a lot of people usually look back, review their achievements and put together resolutions for new year.  If you are going to a gym, you will know that the first week of January is the busiest time for sports clubs. People are putting all of their effort to start the new year well and try to start working on their targets straightaway. When it comes to second and third weeks of the same month, you often see more empty cross trainers, treadmills and weight training areas. This year, I’d like to concentrate on more of a long-term vision to make sure that I don’t burnout on week three of the new year.

I recently came across this beautiful quote from the Happiness Planner. What I really like about it is that it talks long-term, because changing your mindset is crucial to changing and improving the rest of your attitudes, habits and essentially life.

So, this month I’d like to take three steps to help me stay focused on my goals over the next months:

  1. Apply for a provisional driving license. I’ve been planning to start driving lessons for the last six months and with the support from my boyfriend I’m finally going to get my driving sorted this year! As a first step, I have ordered driving theory and tests and have already started to practise. This month I want to ensure my provisional license is ready so I can start my driving lessons as soon as possible.
  2. Research local tennis clubs. I normally play tennis in the summer and bail on it during the rest of the year as it’s too cold to play outside. So this year I’m thinking of joining a tennis club. This will help me be more consistent, improve my skills and hopefully meet like-minded people.
  3. Introduce power hour on Sundays. I first heard of this concept when I applied for an internship with PwC. They talked about the importance of spending your Sundays learning something new and broadening your knowledge. There are a few professional development websites that I’ve been meaning to read for a while and I’d also like to use this time to boost my knowledge of digital and social media. I will make a concerted effort to introduce these power hours and make them consistent.

Here’re my top priorities for this month, what are yours?

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