Three places I visited last year that are worth going to

Whenever I go abroad or visit a city nearby, I like to use review websites such as Tripadvisor to find the best places for relaxation, shopping and entertainment. I like to read advice of other people as it always provides good indication if a place is worth visiting or not. Over the last year I was fortunate to visit three countries, spend time in different cities in England and visit a few times my homeland in Latvia. Looking back at my trips, there’re numerous places that I’d like to were worth visiting, so here’re the top three places I’d recommend for you to see and experience:

1.Thermal baths in Budapest
Very famous and probably a well-known place for everyone is thermal baths in the capital of Hungary. Last year I visited Szechenyi Baths by the City Park which was an incredible experience. My boyfriend and I were in Budapest in January so it was pretty cold and I was quite conscious of walking outside in a bikini without any outerwear. However, I got the best feeling when I jumped into warm waters of these baths.

The only downside to this place is a cost. Personally, I thought it was a fairly expensive experience but still, definitely worth doing if you’re visiting Budapest.

Image result for szechenyi bath
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2.Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden is one of the most beautiful places I visited in Central London, it comprises of landscaped public gardens and has an open air terrace overlooking the Shard, London Bridge and other famous landmarks.

We went there for a meal in Fenchurch restaurant which was great. However, you can visit Sky Garden for free and wonder around green surroundings whilst having a drink. They often have events and jazz nights there, which should be great fun. Here’s a snap of us in Sky Gardens.

3.Windsor Grill in.. Windsor
This is the latest restaurant that I discovered. We stayed in Windsor for a weekend back in December and wanted to eat somewhere local rather than in a hotel. Windsor Grill appeared as one of the top restaurants on Tripadvisor so we thought we’d give it a try.

This was a cosy family-run restaurant in the heart of Windsor and restaurant owner welcomed us at the entrance. When booking this place, I mentioned in comments that my boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary and on a day we were given free cocktails and a waiter that we spoke to was really nice. The steak we ordered was delicious and easily comparable with those at Hawksmoor. This place was very cosy, with good food and friendly staff. We’ll definitely come back.

These are the top places in the UK and abroad that I’d recommend visiting. Let me know if there’s any other place, that you’d advice to visit.

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