About me

A little bit about me and why I decided to write this blog.

Around five years ago I came to the UK with aspiration to develop my professional career. My initial goals seemed quite simple, join a respectable University, graduate with honours and find a good job by the end of the course.

As my degree progressed and I started taking the first steps on the career ladder, I began to realise that getting a job is not the end but a beginning of my professional development. A variety of questions started to appear in my mind – How do I successfully build relationships with my team members? What’s the best way to discuss a new project with my manager? Should I be staying late at work? – these are just some of the thoughts that I was pondering on a regular basis.

To address these and many other thoughts and doubts, I spoke to my friends and family, turned to professional literature and a number of expert blogs. As I started settling into my role, my worries began to disappear. However, I’m still finding my voice, my stance and my brand in the world of professional work. Many of my friends who have recently started their careers ponder upon similar, if not the same, questions and worries. Therefore, in this blog I wanted to address the hidden issues of the workplace that aren’t visible to many of us until we start working.

I hope this blog will help you to find answers to the questions that might be worrying you and will help you develop strong work mentality.

If, at any point, you have any comments, questions or you would just like to reach out and talk, please do so. You can leave a comment under every blog, connect with me on social media or email me directly.


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