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How to master conference calls

I am by no means an expert on teleconferencing but my present job involves a lot of calls, local and international, short and long. When I started chairing conference calls almost two years ago, I found the experience  to be quite challenging, from being nervous, to getting distracted with late joiners and forgetting to outline … Continue reading How to master conference calls


Three places I visited last year that are worth going to

Whenever I go abroad or visit a city nearby, I like to use review websites such as Tripadvisor to find the best places for relaxation, shopping and entertainment. I like to read advice of other people as it always provides good indication if a place is worth visiting or not. Over the last year I … Continue reading Three places I visited last year that are worth going to


My top three priorities for January 2017

During December a lot of people usually look back, review their achievements and put together resolutions for new year.  If you are going to a gym, you will know that the first week of January is the busiest time for sports clubs. People are putting all of their effort to start the new year well … Continue reading My top three priorities for January 2017


Clean & Lean 3 ingredient salad

Hi there, Last week I mentioned that I've become more aware about the food I'm eating. I don't need to make drastic changes to my diet but I do feel that I want to make more conscious choices when choosing the food for my meals. Around a year ago my flatmate bought this book 'Clean & Lean diet' … Continue reading Clean & Lean 3 ingredient salad